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For the first time ever, Danger Mouse will be performing live on stage at Butlin’s and we are very excited to reveal that we have been busy creating all the 2D animated content for the Danger Mouse Live show.

Holidaymakers at all of Butlin’s resorts will be able to enter the high-action, high-comedy world of the effortlessly cool animated hero, who will be saving the world with the help of his loyal but hapless sidekick Penfold, and their assorted allies and adversaries. The 50-minute production, following a newly created storyline, features all the favourite characters from the show, dancers from Butlin’s, a unique stage prop version of the Mark IV Danger Car and of course not forgetting lots of 2D animated content produced by CharacterShop.

We have created a five screen set-up for the stage production which forms an integral part of the show and includes animation of some of the key characters such as Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck.

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