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We are very excited to announce that Visit Birmingham has been nominated in the SHORT to the Point August 2022 in their Commercial/Ad/TVC category!

Visit Birmingham is a cinema commercial that we produced in collaboration with Odelay Films and Leamington based agency rbl that showcases Birmingham & the West Midlands. The film features live-action shots of various West Midlands landmarks that were produced by Odelay Films, composited with our mix of traditional and cut out 2D animation. It includes hand-drawn animation at Warwick Castle and cut out 2D animations of multiple characters – Peaky Blinders in Digbeth and the host, top Brummie comedian, Darren Harriott – as well as Birmingham’s much loved Bullring Bull. It was lots of fun to make and we are really pleased to hear that it has caught the eye of the judges at SHORT to the Point!

SHORT to the Point has also selected some of our other projects for their awards in the past! These include Cliff The Rock! and Bush Baby World. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

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